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OK welcome to the site
This is the forums i had from my idea before making a guild so, if this site ever does get full feel free to use this thing.
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Taintedxx, Apr 24, 11 1:22 AM.
Not to Freak Pero out or anything but I really think this is one of the only ways that this is going to get across. I think we need to invest in making a new guild or something.

The guild used to be maxed out all the time, and now there's only 67 people online and declining. A lot of people have opted for joining other guilds, but as I talked to them they claim that if the guild get's revived they'll join again.

There were many complaints that were unmanageable. Some people didn't like the new recruits, other people didn't like that it was so quiet. Eventually, the guild just simply vanished into nothing. In reality it's quiet saddening, but it's simply the combination of the extensive amount of time where we couldn't delete people and the primary priorities of most of the guildies. Such as School, and work and things that come before Rag-time.

So Pero, if you ever come back, don't be shocked when it's a deserted wasteland. It's no ones fault,  people just got too busy. It's not Spunk's fault, and it's not anyone's fault. Things were dying before you left, it was just a matter of time that the straw broke on the camels back. I hope someday we can all just get back together and fix things. Maybe make a new Guild.

Goodbye for now, good friends. I love you all. Thanks for the laughter, and thanks for being kind and helpful. Thanks for being the amazing family any one could ever ask for VIA the internet.



Curenoir, Feb 15, 11 11:38 PM.
I have way too many fav songs. >:D

biaz lieks das dubsteps, drumsteps, and drum'n'bass :3

heybiaz, Feb 15, 11 2:33 PM.

Also, me and footinmouth can't post in the forums :(

this is one of my favorite oldies songs :)

Kana D' Ripper, Feb 15, 11 2:43 AM.


Peroxis, Feb 14, 11 2:07 PM.
If you get confused how to post a pic taint made a full guide how to do it :O in the strategies and help section of the forum.
the link to it directly:

This means  i suppose i could hold some kind of picture event sometime.
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Anybody wanting to do something without it being demanding or stressful. Just respect each other, help each other and understand each person has a purpose.
I am want values such as trust in this world if you do wrong because others have done wrong to you, you have become your enemy and that to
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